Who the heck is Janice and why should you care?

  • If I don’t know the answer, I will do my damndest to find it
  • If you ask me for my opinion – YOU will get it
  • Adaptability is my strength. I expect that not everything is going to be perfect or set in stone. There’s going to be hiccups along the way. Can’t always prepare for them, but if you accept that there will be some, then we can get through anything.
  • Shortly after graduating from College, I went to work at an environmental organization. My boss used to say “Janice can do that, no problem.” Which used to drive me nuts. But as it turned out, I could do it no problem – which is now why it drives me crazy when I’m talking to entrepreneurs who have administrative support who give them the run-around.
  • My personal philosophy – if I know it, I will share it.

The Geeky Stuff about me

  • Graduated College as a Computer Programmer (with a Business Concentration)
  • Went on to work 20+ years in the Office, Administration & Management field
  • Love to troubleshoot problems
  • Fascinated by playing the “What if” game when it comes to working on mapping out a system
  • I go crazy when I see a bunch of funky code in newsletters
  • I LOVE spreadsheets and formulas

The Fun Stuff about me

  • Love to have FUN and to LAUGH – if that ain’t happening, I’m usually not interested
  • Avid horse enthusiast – since I was old enough to breath – with a special interest in high-adrenaline classes – barrel racing
  • I am Canadian, eh! (I try to refrain from the “eh”s but do pronounce my “o”s and “z”s differently.)

Who I am not

  • Not an expert in all things business.
  • An Organizational Guru – you never want to see my desk – it just happens that I am very adaptable and think of a lot of things that could possibly happen, and am therefore prepared for them – but organized…nope that’s not me.
  • A doing the details person. I love to work through them once, maybe twice to figure out how to do something, and then find a quicker solution. But after that I get BORED! This is why I would not make a good VA. (****BUT…because I’ve learned it, and my personal philosophy is to share it, I love to teach what I learn to others.)

Why Go Ask Janice?

When I was working at the Community College, I quickly became known as the go to person if you were looking for an answer.

Oftentimes this was the stuff that no one else wanted to resolve. But my favourite stuff was when someone had a technology challenge and was told to Go Ask Janice.

For awhile I dabbled around in a few business ideas, and with each one, it happened again, entrepreneurs were saying to their colleagues “Did you Go Ask Janice?

It took a few whacks on the old noggin for me to realize – OOOHHH this is what I’m good at!!

So – if you’ve got technology questions about….

  • Setting up your shopping cart, contact management database
  • Creating a ‘stay in touch’ automatic sequencing plan
  • Hosting your own teleseminar / webinar
  • Setting up your website to capture leads
  • Connecting your web / blog posts to automatically feed to social media
  • What can be automated and what might be manual automation
  • Strategies for file management
  • Fixing the coding in your newsletter (personal pet peeve of mine)

…. then fire away.

Got a technology question about a subject not list above – just ask. As with technology, it is continuously in motion and I’m continuously learning.

When I learn, I share.

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