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An Email Tip You Might Need in the Future

An Email Tip You Might Need in the Future

Today I was entering names into my database. These were cards that I collected at an event I participated in.

While entering the cards, I noticed that many people used an email address that was provided by the Internet Service Provider, instead of having an unique domain name.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that. I understand that many people want to reduce the number of email accounts they have to check. But there is at least one reason why this may cause a problem in the future.

What happens if you change Internet Service Providers (ISPs)?

I made that mistake several years ago – so I’m speaking from experience here, not judgement.

When you change service providers, there goes your email – kaput, done, gone.

You might not see it as a problem initially, because you prepared for the change and notified your friends and contacts.

But what you forget about is all of those business cards that you have out there, that someday, someone might pick up and attempt to contact you.

The reasons to change ISPs may be that you moved and that ISP doesn’t provide service in your new location. Or you may get a better deal by combining your internet in a bundle with another company.

Regardless, this situation can be avoided – especially if you already have a website.

1. Purchase a domain name. Use a service like GoDaddy to buy your domain name. You can buy a domain for $12-$14/year.

2. Create an email address. If you use GoDaddy, for example, and you only need one email account, you are entitled to create an email using their service for free. It is included with your purchase of your domain. All you have to do is follow the instructions to have it point to your Outlook, phone, or other email client.

3. More advanced option. If you are already hosting a website, check into being able to create more than one email address for your business (example: info@domain.com, name@domain.com, support@domain.com). Instead of creating an account with GoDaddy, you can have them created on your hosting site. You will still have to have them setup to point to your email client, but that’s relatively simple.

The beauty of this, is that you can have several email accounts coming in to one email client. I just checked mine, and I have 8 different email addresses that all come in to my Outlook!! (BTW: I do recommend Hostgator as a webhost – you can have unlimited domains and unlimited email address…so why the heck not!)

I have folders setup so that when an email comes in, they are automatically directed to a particular folder, that way all of those emails are not in the one folder.

Also, because of this, when you send an email, you can choose which email it appears to be sent from and setup an unique signature for each one. Cool, eh!

If you would like to create an unique domain for your business, and the thoughts of the technical side of setting it up makes you want to vomit, just give me a call. I can guide you through the process and get you on your way lickety split.

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